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Choral Society - Dream of Gerontius

Date: Saturday 16th November

Venue: Main Auditorium - 7.30pm

Choral Society - Dream of Gerontius

Choral Society - Dream of Gerontius


Peter Hoare (tenor)

Alison Kettlewell (contralto)

Ben Bevan (bass)

Conductor - Michael Rose 


"This is the best of me" was Elgar's matter of fact statement about his oratorio The Dream of Gerontius. Elgar sets words by Cardinal Newman which describe Gerontius facing death and subsequently starting his journey to eternity. 


The music follows the events: soft and prayerful as we watch over the dying man, quiet and ethereal as the angel leads him into the unknown, snarling and angry as they pass the demons' lair. It builds to a massive explosion of sound as he meets his lord and as he is taken away to prepare for heaven we hear Elgar's sublime setting of the hymn 'Praise to the holiest in the height' and the angel's farewell. 

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