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Philharmonia - Beethoven's Eroica

Date: Saturday 15th February

Venue: Main Auditorium - 7.30pm

Philharmonia - Beethoven's Eroica

Philharmonia - Beethoven's Eroica

Timothy Ridout viola


Walton Viola Concerto




Beethoven Symphony No. 3, Eroica

The greatest symphony of all time is paired with the greatest viola concerto ever written, in an evening of virtuosity and intense musical storytelling.


Beethoven's Eroica Symphony's themes of struggle and triumph have been interpreted as autobiographical - Beethoven had begun to go deaf, but had overcome his initial despair and determined to find hope and purpose in his art. One of the first fruits of his decision was this glorious, groundbreaking piece, voted top in a 2016 poll of over 150 leading global conductors.


In the first half, experience Walton's fiery Viola Concerto - a piece so popular at its premiere that The Guardian's critic said that it was tempting to call the concerto the best thing in recent music of any nationality.


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